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Multi-day Trek Equipment List

The following lists describe the gear and clothes you will need to bring on your trip.  We can either provide everything for you, or you can bring your own backpacking tent, sleeping bag and pad.

What Gear To Bring

  • Daypack/backpack (large enough to carry clothes you take off as we hike, water, toiletries, and snacks)

  • Water bottles or bladder, 2 liters total capacity

  • A lightweight, high quality stuff sac for your clothes and belongings to fit in while in the llama panniers:  12” x 24”  (We can provide this.)

  • Lightweight, packable camp pillow. (We can provide this.)

  • Contact lenses and glasses and cleaning supplies.  If you wear contact lenses please also bring a pair of glasses - your contacts may become dirty and may be difficult to clean

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm

  • Bug repellent, preferably a product containing at least 25% “DEET” (some people are sensitive to this product however)

  • Toiletries, and a small washcloth in their own stuff sack or Zip-lock bag (bandana can serve as a washcloth)

  • Headlamp, spare batteries (preferably an L.E.D. type that works with AA or AAA batteries)

  • Camera, spare batteries, or phone (optional)

  • Notebook or paperback book, (optional)

  • Prescription medicine, please inform your trip leader of any medications you are taking

  • If you need trekking poles remember that you will need your hands to lead a llama.

What Clothes To Bring
  • Sturdy, broken in hiking shoes

  • Lightweight flip flops or Crocs®, for camp

  • Hiking socks, one pair for every two days of your trip, plus an extra pair to sleep in.

  • Sun hat or baseball cap and bandana

  • Warm hat

  • Lightweight warm gloves

  • Long underwear, one pair of moisture wicking tops and bottoms that are light-to midweight, not cotton

  • T-shirt or nylon travel shirt (2)

  • Long sleeve sun shirt

  • Warm top, mid-weight shirt, sweater or pullover

  • Fleece jacket or down jacket, warm, lightweight and packable fleece jacket or coat insulated with a synthetic material

  • Hiking pants and shorts, or convertible pants

  • Underwear

  • Bathing suit  --  (If you like to take a dip in cold water!)

  • Rainproof jacket and pants – (If you think it is going to rain.)

       Limit 10 lbs. in a stuff sack.

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