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Multi-Day Hikes!


Let’s face it, llamas are amazing!  What is more awesome than hiking with llamas doing what they were bred to do, carry your load?  Llamas are quiet (except occasional humming), gentle and easy to handle.  On our hikes you have the opportunity to interact with, learn about, and lead your own llama down the trail.  Llamas are the ultimate pack animal!

Sycamore Rim Trail


Renee waterfall.jpeg
Arizona Trail
North Kaibab

Imagine hiking down the trail, toting only a day pack, leading a friendly llama who gladly carries all you need for a great experience in the wilderness.  By the end of the trip, you will have made a new companion and added a memorable adventure to your life.


Join us for two or three days along Arizona’s second biggest canyon, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness!  This is a great hike for both inexperienced and experienced backpackers, young families and seniors!  Jump into a refreshing mountain stream, or just soak your feet on the edge of a creek.  Hike through old growth pines, relax on the rim as the birds soar below you, and keep an eye out for wildlife along the way.  Imagine living here 100 years ago when we stop by the remains of a historical pioneer site.


First time on a backcountry trip?  No worries!  All you need to bring are your clothes, personal items and a day pack.   Let the llamas carry the rest!  All of our trips our participatory experiences.  We’ll teach you how to set up camp, cook, and enjoy the outdoors.  This trip can help you gain confidence to do it on your own.


Been backpacking for years, but ready to lighten the load?  Llamas to the rescue!  There is nothing like carrying only a day pack on a multi-day trip.  This allows plenty of time and energy to share stories while adding another adventure to your book!  Bring your own gear or let us do all the packing for you.


We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daily snacks.  No freeze dried backpacking food here.  It will be hard to believe that you are out in the wilderness while still enjoying our homemade meals!  We will gladly accommodate most dietary needs you may have.


Want to hear more?  Give us a call and we’d love to give you more details about exploring northern Arizona!

Looking for a unique vacation right here in Arizona?  Start the week out with a two or more days on a llama pack trip on the beautiful North Kaibab Plateau.  The North Kaibab is more like Colorado than the rest of Arizona.  Elevations from 7,000’ to over 9,000’ mean that you will be hiking through mixed conifer forests, aspen groves and beautiful wide open meadows.  This hike is on the National Scenic Arizona Trail (AZT) and is completely flexible.  We can customize an itinerary for you! 


You can bring the family along for their first over-nighter in the woods, hike the AZT from the edge of Grand Canyon National Park to the Utah border, or anything in between.  We can provide all of the camping gear or bring your own.  Either way, the llamas will gladly carry the load!


All of our trips are participatory so you get to help with the cooking, setting up and tearing down camp, and we’ll teach you how to become a llama wrangler for a full experience with our wooly llama friends.


Once your adventure with us is over, it is only a short distance to drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Here you can continue your vacation enjoying the spectacular views and thin crowds.  You can hike, dine in the historic lodge, and sit on the Rim of the Grand Canyon reminiscing about your llama pack trip. 


We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daily snacks.  No freeze dried backpacking food here.  It will be hard to believe that you are out in the wilderness while still enjoying our homemade meals!  We will gladly accommodate most dietary needs you may have.


Want to hear more?  Give us a call and we’d love to give your more details about exploring northern Arizona!



"I was ready to move from day hiker to backcountry overnight packer but wasn't sure how to make the leap.  I was mostly worried about how comfortably I would sleep and how would I manage all the needed gear, which I didn't have.  What I found was that Janice and her llamas were able to easily calm these doubts and provide an incredible experience exceeding all of my expectations.  I was able to have amazing 3 and 4 day backcountry adventures because of the super organization and encouragement from Janice.  She started with a packing list, provided quality camp gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleep pad, stuff sacks), and friendly llamas to carry all of things!  Our days had just the right balance of activities and quiet time to reflect and enjoy nature. I particularly enjoyed that these were participatory treks so I could be engaged with leading and tending to the llamas as well as preparing and eating really good camp food. I would recommend a trip with Arizona Backcountry LLamas to those with a sense of adventure who want to step into the beauty of the Arizona wilderness with support from an Arizona native who's eager to share her love of the outdoors with others."



"I have been a backpacker for 50 years, and I am a 70 year old woman who wants to continue exploring wilderness areas. When I heard about a 4 day llama pack trip in which the llamas carried all the gear, I was very excited! The trip far exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to doing another one soon! Janice did an exceptional job of planning the hike, the gear, and the food, which was fabulous! The llamas were such a pleasure to hike and camp with, and very well trained. It was so nice to be able to experience exploring the backcountry and have someone else carry my load! I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who likes to hike and camp."  




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Want To Know More?

Season  May through October (check "Availability" in Menu) or

send us an email

Locations  Arizona Trail, North Kaibab National Forest**; Williams area, South Kaibab National Forest

**It is not too soon to think ahead!  We have already booked some reservations  for Fall!

Duration    Distance   Price/Person

4-6 people

   2 Days         4-11 mi.        $780           

  3 Days         4-11 mi.        $1140         

4 Days       12-21 mi.        $1490      


Difficulty  High elevation, hilly, must be a fit hiker with a spirit of adventure. 

Reservation Type  Pre-booking four weeks in advance. All trips require a four-person minimum.

Terms and Conditions
No refunds or cancellations later than two weeks prior to the hike. 

Cancellations made two weeks prior to the hike will receive a 50% refund.


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